2020- The Year of Getting Back to Adventure!

Happy 2020, and welcome to a new decade! The year 2019 started off with a bang (literally) for me with the fireworks above in Ixtapa, Mexico. While I had the best intentions of getting outside more this past year, I didn’t truly make it happen.

There were wrenches in my plan- my publisher/editor being let go during the editing process of my book, a cross town move, working and volunteering. But, I also lost sight of priorities along the way.

In 2020, I am working on habits and not resolutions. These habits including making travel and time in the fresh air a priority. I want to develop habits that help my mental and physical wellbeing, and to say yes to only what is important to me (or necessary like work). I fell too quickly into habits that took me away from what is important. I said yes too often to helping others rather than working on myself. I am thankful to have a new book in the works- The Best Cortez and Mesa Verde National Park Hikes to help me get back out on the trails.

I’ve spent a few days over the break thinking about where I want to explore and when. I’ve made plans with friends to go for things as simple as a walk. As small as a walk seems, it can have incredible affects on mood and wellbeing.

Here’s a small list of things I want to do outside in 2020. I’ll be adding to and editing it along the way.

Outdoor/ Adventure/Travel Bucket List 2020

  • Snowshoe/hut trip
  • Women’s climbing class (kick climbing fear/learn to belay again)
  • Climb outside 4-5 days
  • Four summer camping trips
  • Visit Mesa Verde NP, Hovenweep and Cortez
  • Backcountry camp 1-2 nights
  • Complete a trail 10k
  • Get on my mountain bike
  • Climb, hike and mountain bike in Switzerland
  • Kayak/paddle in the Atlanta Ocean
A snowy New Years Eve hike on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Adventure On,


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