10 Fun Backyard Water Games to Play This Summer

10 Fun Backyard Water Games to Play This Summer

by Courtney Johnson

June 22, 2021

Let’s face it, friends: the dog days of summer are upon us, and if you are anything like us, sitting in the air conditioning sounds more appealing than heading outside in the hot, humid heat. But, if your kids are getting bored inside, we get it. That’s why we’ve pulled together 10 fun backyard water games to play this summer. These ideas will keep little ones active and get them that much needed daily dose of Vitamin D. A win-win, indeed. 

1. Use a bucket

Take a piece of wood (such as a 2×4) and put smaller pieces on the end for stability and height. Then, try to balance a full bucket of water on your head as you navigate from one end of the board to the other without spilling. Some additional ideas: make a course with large rocks or create a balance line with chalk or a rope.

2. Create your own slip ‘n slide

Don’t own a slip ‘n slide? No worries—you can design your own at home. All you need is some heavy-duty plastic sheeting, shampoo or dish soap, and a hose. Use landscape anchor pins to anchor the sheets down to make a super long slide.

3. Make a DIY sprinkler

Use pool noodles to create a fun sprinkler that can cool you off from all sides. Take four noodles and join them together with duct tape to create a good seal. Use a nail (or another object with a sharp end) to make holes on the inside of the pool noodles about four inches apart. Be sure to not poke through the other side! Cut a small opening that is smaller than the end of the hose at the top of your sprinkler. If the hole is bigger than the end of the hose, the hose won’t stay inside the noodle.

4. Try a take on Duck, Duck, Goose

This game adds an element of fun on the classic by using a wet sponge for tagging the players. The player that is “it” goes around the circle tapping the other players on the shoulder with a sponge saying “drip” until it comes to the player they want to “dunk.” When they choose that player, “it” squeezes the sponge over that player’s head and then takes off for a lap around the circle without being caught. If “it” is caught, they continue to be “it.” If they make it around the circle and sit down in the empty spot, the player they “dunked” is it.

5. Play limbo

Nothing says a fun time like a game of limbo. Grab a hose and turn it on as high as it will flow. The water stream replaces the use of the stick. Who can get the lowest without getting wet? You can also see who can jump the highest over the stream without getting wet. RELATED: 25 Ways to Kick Off Your Family’s Best Summer Ever

6. Freeze toys

Take small plastic objects (animals, jewels, toys) and freeze them in water overnight in a bowl, ice cube tray or molds. When it’s time to excavate, start by spraying the ice with a water bottle to loosen the ice and make the start of excavation easier. Use kid-safe digging tools and safety goggles, too! 

7. Do a sponge relay

For this activity, you will need four buckets, two sponges (we recommend large ones) and at least two players. Break everyone that is playing into two even teams. Fill two buckets with water. These buckets will be the start line. Choose how far the players will run and place the other two empty buckets at that point. One player from each team will fill their sponge with water, run down to their empty bucket, and squeeze the water out of the sponge and run back. If there is more than one player per team, players will then pass the sponge to their teammate. The relay will continue until one team’s bucket is full of water.

8. Make a water balloon piñata

Fill up five to 10 water balloons, then tie them to a pole or tree to suspend them. Take turns safely hitting the balloons to drench everyone.

9. Enjoy water tag

This classic game of tag takes on a new and “cool” twist by adding the element of water. Taggers can use water balloons or water-soaked sponges to tag the other players. If the tagger hits a player with water, they are now “it.”

10. Teach the kids “Cool Potato”

We all know the game “hot potato.” Shift the objective of the game from not being caught with the potato in your hands to not being caught with the water balloon in your hands when the music stops. If you’re caught with the balloon, you must break the balloon over your head!

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