About Me

Courtney Johnson

Writer, Photographer, Speaker


Courtney is a book author, writer, photographer and speaker based in Erie, CO. A former Special Education teacher, she is a substitute teacher when she isn’t writing or off on an adventure.

Courtney is the author of The Best Utah Children’s Hikes and the forthcoming author of The Best Cortez and Mesa Verde Hikes, released in the spring of 2024. Her writing has been published in the Washington Post, Ski Magazine, Triathlete, Colorado Parent, and more. She is a contributing writer for go-outside.com.

Courtney also volunteers her time as the Co-Fundraising Chair for the Erie Elementary PTCO, as a member of Erie Uplink and other local organizations.

In 2023, Courtney will spend the night in a skin-to-dome, visit Glacier National Park and hike up to the highest lodge in North America- Barr Camp just to name a few of her adventures. She will finish her guidebook, pitch some children’s book ideas, and find new outlets to write for.

Get in touch

Courtney is always available for side collaborations and public speaking. If you want to chat about hiking, Mesa Verde, book writing, or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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